Cervical Cancer

Cervical Cancer – Women in modern times such as now has been experiencing substantial growth, they now have become the women are active and independent, they are now no longer a woman who only depend on their parents or their husbands, but now they have involved in the labor force even the most has become a very influential person in a company or in government.

Now the women faced with a threat that will stop the growth called cervical cancer. Cervical cancer at the start of the growth of abnormal cervical tissue that causes a tumor that allows the occurrence of infection in the cervix and other systems of the body in the long term. In the early stages, cervical cancer has a survival rate is high at around 90 percent.

Cervical cancer is considered as the most deadly diseases and widespread, when the mortality rate associated with it began to worrying, the knowledge and all the information on how to prevent cervical cancer is widely introduced.

The survival rate of cervical cancer
In the growth of cervical cancer can be described in four phases / stages is different, each stage represents how much the cancer has grown and how big a threat at the time, and each stage will determine how the treatment will be done on the patient.

Phase / Stage 1A.

This is the earliest stages, the tumor can only be seen using a microscope, surgical treatment is considered as the best way because the tumor is still small and allows it to be removed more easily. Survival rates up to 96%.

Phase / Stage IB.

The tumors began to be seen with the naked eye at this stage, treatment with surgery alone is not enough, maybe it will require treatment such as radiation, chemotherapy also laser treatment. At this stage the survival rates is still high between; 80 to 90%.

Phase / Stage II.

The tumor has grown so much and spreads outside the uterus also has infects the surrounding cells and tissue. Spread has reached a third of the vagina but not yet to the lateral pelvic walls. Threatment such as radiation, chemoteraphy also laser treatment is very needed other than treatment with surgery which is the most common option..Cervical cancer survival rates at this stage was in the range 65 to 69%

Phase /Stage III

In this stage the cancer has spreads and infect the walls of pelvic also most of the vagina as well as the kidneys. The increasingly wide spread of cancer is causing the patients survival rate decreases dramatically. Extensive spread of cancer that has caused the patients survival rate decreases dramatically. In this stage, surgery can no longer be performed. Chemotherapy, radiation and laser therapy can be done to treat the patiens. Survival rates at this stage was in the range 40 to 43%.

Phase /Stage IV.

This stage is the final stage of cervical cancer, this is a condition in which the cancer has spread to distant organs in the body such as kidneys, liver and even may have reached the lungs. At this stage treatment can be done only chemotherapy, radiation and laser therapy. Survival rates at this stage was in the range 15 to 20%.

You must to note,Cervical cancer survival rates of the above is approximate only and are not conclusive, the very need to do is make every effort possible to cure this disease by any means including alternative medicine. Remember these words; prevention is better than cure, about prevention cervical cancer you can done it by healthy live style and get the Cervical cancer vaccine.

How Can You Get Cervical Cancer

How Can You Get Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is a disease that is very dangerous, this cancer to grow and develop in the cervix that are part of the reproductive system in women. This cancer can cause some women unable to have children and can even cause death. This makes the women in different countries are trying to find the best way to avoid the possibility of cervical cancer. Here are some simple things you can do to minimize the risk of how do you get Cervical cancer :

  1. Stop smoking. If you have the habit of smoking, you should immediately quit the habit because smoking can trigger a variety of cancers including cervical cancer. Maybe youre not a smoker, but if you are around smokers and their cigarette smoke inhalation continuously then it is possible you get cervical cancer.
  2. Stay away from practices of unsafe sex use condoms as a protection is strongly recommended for women who started having sex at a young age (under 18), also for women who have multiple sex partners, if you include that I mentioned above, then you have the possibility of suffering from cervical cancer. You need to know that many viruses HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) that you get from your partner after you have sex without a condom. HPV virus is spread through genital skin to skin contact during sexual intercourse. You should also be aware of the risk factor when you have sex without a condom with a man who has not been circumcised using sabun gove.
  3. Get a regular pap smear test – the Pap smear test has been introduced and promoted and has been proven as the most effective way to detect and prevent cervical cancer early. Perform this test regularly is the recommended for women who are sexually active also for women who had sexual intercourse at an early age. Make sure you do a Pap smear test regularly every 6 months.
  4. Get the vaccine. Vaccination is recommended for women under the age of 26 years to reduce the likelihood of contracting certain types of HPV virus that causes cervical cancer is a factor. There is already available vaccine proven effective in preventing pre-cancerous.
  5. Increase consumption of vegetables and fruits Vegetables and fruits can help reduce cancer risk because vegetables and fruits contain lots of antioxidants are substances that are useful to prevent various cancers including cervical cancer.

You must know and do the things mentioned above if you want to survive this dangerous disease with crystal x.